3 mental health tips to help you survive family gatherings.


We all love our families, but they can certainly add stress during the holiday season. This year try a few things that can relieve some of the stress and set you up for a fun fill holiday.

1) Set boundaries: Set clear boundaries (ex. maybe politics are off limits), then voice and stick to them! People don't listen, they watch!

2) Go in without expectations: You need to understand that you aren't going to change people. Accept them for who they are and remember you are only going to be in their presence for a short time. 

3) Practice gratitude. Write down three things you are grateful for every morning and repeat it when you start to feel stressed out. Or better yet, write down one thing you are grateful for about each family member and repeat them when needed. 

Give these an honest try and you will feel much better this holiday season!

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