If you do nothing else this holiday, do this one thing...

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Every year we get a laundry list of exercises to do over the holidays to stay in shape. But who really has time for that?  

The one thing you need for a healthier and happier holiday season, that will also keep you from gaining weight, mindful eating!

In order for digestion to work, you need to be a mindful eater, meaning you are eating only. Digestion happens best only when you are in the parasympathetic state. Eliminate all distractors and you will set yourself up for better results overall. 

Why: Everything stems from gut health, your stomach is your second brain.  There are receptors on the walls of the stomach that stretch so when those receptors are filled by healthy and voluminous foods like leafy greens they stretch your stomach and make you feel full. 

So during the holidays if pumpkin pie is in your plan, have a large hearty salad so that your portion of pie is small due to your level of satiety from the better option beforehand.

Let us know how this works in the comments below!

Let them eat…pie!


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