Easy Cinnamon & Nut Baked Apples

Baked apples that taste like dessert, we are in!


Cold weather can certainly have us craving warm treats! But they aren’t always the best for optimal for health. So our awesome nutritionist host, JZ whipped up this quick, healthy, and delicious recipe. Push past the hunger pangs brought on by cold (or moderately cold) weather and darker days. 

Servings: 4


  • 4 Galla or Honeycrisp apples

  • Organic honey

  • Candied pecans or walnuts

  • Cinnamon


  1. Preheat oven to 375 degrees F. 

  2. Wash apples then cut off the top of each apple, about ½ inch. Hollow out the center of the apple removing the core and seeds. Use whatever you have handy, or give a melon baller a try! (Don’t cut completely through the apple.)

  3.  Place apples cavity side up and evenly spaced on a baking sheet. Fill each apple with roughly half a handful of the candied nuts into the center. (Crush them first if you like!) Top each with a drizzle of honey and a sprinkle cinnamon.  

  4. Bake for 30 minutes or to desired tenderness, then boom! Your apple is ready.  

Let us know how they turn out in the comments!